Stella FE: The ultimate in innovation

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If you truly want to feel Shimano technology and innovation, try a Stella FE spinning reel. Once you fish Stella FE, you can’t go back to anything else.

Stella FE has all the latest and greatest Shimano innovations built from the highest quality materials at the time of manufacture. It has got it all.

Shimano’s X-Ship technology has been a game-changing addition to the Stella FE reel. In short, X-Ship provides 20 percent more cranking power in a reel that has an ultra-light handle rotation. Shimano engineers created X-Ship by using a large diameter drive gear, moving the pinion gear closer to the drive gear and supporting the pinion gear with two ball bearings in a one-piece magnesium frame that is both light and strong.

All the internal parts are aligned precisely. Therefore Stella FE stands up to years of use.

Stella FE also employs Shimano’s Five Point Propulsion Line Management System. The most obvious part is a spool that has a 45-degree bevel on its edge. Most other manufacturer’s spools have a 90-degree edge. Through thousands of computer simulations, Shimano’s engineers discovered that the 45-degree edge allows the line to come off in smaller loops, which results in less line slap on the rod and increased casting distance. The Propulsion spool also prevents wind knots from forming in the line.

Another important feature in the Propulsion Line Management System is the S-Arm Cam. The protruding surface on the ball arm keeps the line in constant contact with the line roller, even in slack line situations like vertical jigging or drop-shotting. The line won’t fall off onto the bail wire, which increases the risk of loops and tangles in a spinning reel.

As a result, Stella FE is the example of Shimano technology at the highest level. The look and feel of a Stella FE spinning reel will convince any skeptic.

Once you fish a Stella FE, you’ll never go back to anything else.