Stack the Decks: Expanded St. Croix BassX Series Gets Stronger and Lighter for 2022


BassX Series offers bass anglers more technology, new components, fresh aesthetics, and all-new choices while remaining an exceptional value.

Park Falls, WI (June 7, 2021) – St. Croix’s popular BassX Series sets the standard for affordable high-performance in handcrafted bass rods. Since its debut five years ago, the series has found its way into the hands of countless passionate bass enthusiasts who appreciate its ability to deliver the upper hand in any angling situation, at a price that allows them to stack their decks with the Best Rods on Earth®. 

Driven to continually improve and heighten the angling experience, St. Croix resolved to take what it has learned from recent product introductions – Legend Xtreme, Victory, and others – and put that intel to work in improving its angler-favorite BassX Series. The result is a new lineup of BassX rods for 2022 that are stronger, lighter, and more comfortable, with sizzling new aesthetics and more choices for new presentations than ever before, while retaining and compounding their exceptional value in the $120 to $150 retail-price range.