Bet On These Baits

The Bassmaster Classic is the most talked about, covered, and anticipated event in all bass fishing. As such, it's only natural that the pros fishing the Classic want something special out of their baits come championship time. For the manufacturers who listen carefully to their pro staffs, this means new and different baits to combat the conditions on the waters wherever the Classic may be held.Keep an eye out for these baits on the Red River.Fish Harder! Companies: Tru-Tungsten Depth Shad, Youvella hooks and Tru-Life swimbaits 
 Tru-Tungsten has proven to be a trendsetter in the terminal tackle and swimbait categories, and 2009 is no exception for their products. Larry Thornhill of Tru-Tungsten says Ish Monroe, Greg Hackney and Peter Thliveros will have Tru-Tungsten's tackle innovations on hand in Shreveport."Look out for our new 4-inch Tru-Life swimbaits, Youvella hooks and the Depth Shad — the best soft jerkbait on the market," Thornhill said. Tru-Tungsten's pros should have perfected their use before the Classic begins. "We're really excited to have these guys fishing for us."


PRADCO: Shallow water attack

Lawrence Taylor, public relations manager for PRADCO, says the manufacturer has a few aces in the hole for the Red River."We're really excited to have our guys out there. It should be a great event. Alton (Jones) tells me the water will probably be shallow and muddy, so reaction baits will be heavily used."Taylor says his pros will have prototypes in their boats which are very hush-hush unless someone wins with one. Such was the case at the 2008 Classic when Alton Jones won with his A-Jig.PRADCO will have one bait debuted just after the Classic, the Xrk50 One Knocker. It is a 1/2-ounce lipless crankbait based on XCalibur's wildly popular 1-ounce bait. Taylor says Dave Wolak believes this new bait will be a boon to his game.When everyone is throwing lipless crankbaits, the single ball in the One Knocker stands out," he said.Taylor and his pros have high hopes for other baits in PRADCO's lineup.

 "We think baits like our Booyah! Vibra Flex spinnerbaits, creature baits like the YUM Zellamander and jigs like Alton's A-Jig will be very popular for fishing the vegetation and other shallow cover. Watch out for Terry Scroggins flipping a Wooly HawgCraw and cranking a Bomber Balsa Model B."Pure Fishing: Crazy Legs Chigger Craw and Slim Shaky Worm
"Berkley has introduced several new baits to the market that are designed specifically for the 2009 Classic," says Pure Fishing's Ron Giudice. "But you can trust these baits for anywhere bass call home."

 Most notable are the new Crazy Legs Chigger Craw, which is an update to the original Chigger Craw Boyd Duckett used to win 2006's Classic on Lay Lake. The Crazy Legs has new legs and antennas."These things are great," Elite Series pro Bobby Lane says. "When you put it down there those antennae and legs start going mad."

 Lane used the new Crazy Legs Chigger Craw to take third place in the first Bassmaster Southern Open on the Harris Chain of Lakes in January."The Slim Shaky Worm is made to excel in tough conditions," Giudice said. "It is 4 3/4-inches long and is made for light wire hooks."Tough conditions are likely on the Red River if the area experiences rain before the Classic.

 Strike King: Bringing sexy backChris Brown, marketing manager for Strike King, says based on what Strike King's pros have ordered from them, Sexy Shad will be most prolific color.

 "We've got Sexy Shad in everything — hard baits, soft plastics and spinnerbaits," Brown said. "We've even got new colors like Chartreuse Sexy Shad and Chrome Sexy Shad."Brown says most of the baits ordered were hard baits such as crankbaits"I think the Chartreuse Sexy Shad will be the best color for the stained water conditions," Brown said. "There were also quite a few spinnerbaits ordered as well."

 Strike King is also running a promotion with their Sexy Shad Series 5 crankbait that will be available only at the Classic. A limited quantity of crankbaits will be sold in a resealable package with a photograph of Kevin VanDam signed by KVD himself."It's a pretty big card with special graphics on it," Brown said. "If you see Kevin running around down there you could get him to sign it, too."A manufacturer scrambling to put new baits in his pros' hands is a testament to how important the Classic is. Check out the Classic Expo for a hands-on look at these baits and others.