Post Classic Syndrome

After you go through the greatest bass tournament known as the Bassmaster Classic, you suffer culture shock and borderline exhaustion. Many friends and family continue to tell you how well you did. No consolation prize, but thanks. The trophy is going home with someone else. You had a great time yet you still feel very disappointed because your dreams did not come true. Your body ran on adrenaline for a week. Your body physically is very tired. Your mind is done racing. You go into "Post Classic Syndrome" or PCS.

 You drag your hindquarters out of bed. Meals are no hurry. Maybe you get out of the hotel on time, maybe not. The trip home is a drive where you go into a vegetative state to get home. Maybe you answer your phone, maybe not. I usually turn on the radio or XM and just stop to fill up the tanks, my stomach and the truck. When you get home the bags slowly get unpacked. This is PCS.

 It really depends on how bad you were beat as to how long it takes you to get over PCS. The higher you finish, the longer it actually takes. The closer you get to tasting it, the harder it is to get over not winning. If you never find the winning fish and don't crack the Top 20 or 30, it is like you did not even have a chance to win. Since 16th has been my highest Classic finish, it only took me four or five days to get over a Classic. I would guess Aaron Martens is still not completely over a number of his Classics.

 Different things help get you through the Syndrome. I like to hit the gym and lift heavy weights. Maybe you play some basketball. Maybe you spend time with your family. Maybe you go on a vacation. Maybe you have some promotions or seminars. Maybe you head straight to another tournament. Maybe you focus on getting back into the Classic the next year. Something has to get your mind pointed away from the past and looking forward.

 Eventually you realize how awesome the Classic experience really is. Maybe those people that support you were right. You realize the only thing you can do is try to re-qualify for next year's Classic. You did it last year, why not again? You must get back to the show in order to win bass fishing's Super Bowl. That is the only way to get over Post Classic Syndrome. Believe me, it is easier said than done.

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