My biggest fan

I can't say there is one trip or event that sticks out as extra special. My father's dedication and commitment to me and my goals are what is meaningful. I really owe my whole career to his encouragement and support. He was — and still is — instrumental in my having attained this much.Since I was in grade school, my dad has taken me fishing. We'd get up extra early, and on the way in we'd stop and fish. I can't remember a single time I was late for class, either. Not only did my dad get me started fishing, he got me into tournament fishing. He's the one who encouraged me to pursue a career in fishing, and he jump-started it early on.As I got into tournament fishing, my dad would help me out with entry fees. The thing that really catapulted me into tournaments was when he went and paid the entry fee for a tournament that had some big names in it without me knowing it. Rick Clun, Gary Klein, all the guys I looked up to then and compete against now were there. I drew a fairly good check at that tournament. I didn't pay him back for it because we had a pot of money that we'd use just for fishing tournaments. He fished as a co-angler a lot, and everything we won went into the pot. It would rise and fall, but there was usually something in it.To this day, he and my mom still make it out to some events to watch me. They came to the Classic in Shreveport, they made it to Elite Dardanelle event, and they go to any event within a reasonable distance. That means a lot to me.For this Father's Day, we've got something very special planned. My dad's been working on an ongoing project that is near and dear to my heart. He has spent the last two or three years resurrecting the boat I first fished out of — an aluminum 14-foot Lone Star. He's going to bring it to Beaver Lake where my family and my folks will be camping all weekend, and we'll be fishing out of it. I'm looking forward to a fun and sentimental time.