Food Donation

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Members of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club (SCBBBC) collected more than 670 cans of food for their local food bank in 2008.

 "That's not counting the bags of food," SCBBBC's Rich Caro told BASS Times. "We've got bags and bags of soft food, such as pasta and cake mixes."

 Club members take on a charity effort every other year, and then-President Caro decided at the beginning of 2008 to implement the food drive.

 "I asked everyone to bring just one can to every tournament and every monthly meeting," he said. "We have 10 tournaments each year and 11 monthly meetings. My goal was to reach 1,000 cans."

 The club fell short of the goal, but Caro said it was amazing to see how members responded.

 "One member [Noah Stevens] brought a bag of food to every meeting and a bag of cans to every tournament," Caro said.

 The club delivered the food in January, and Jean Larson of the Redwood Empire Food Bank said the contribution was needed.

 "Our numbers [of clients] grew 20 percent [last year], and that was before the current economic situation that has led to layoffs," Larson explained. "We are seeing more and more people at our distribution centers, and local efforts like this will be important to feeding those people."

 Canned-food drives also serve a larger purpose.

 "So many more people know about the issue of hunger because of efforts of wonderful organizations like the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club," Larson said.

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