Elites talk Toyota Texas Fest

Team Toyota anglers took time to pose with EMI country music recording artist Eric Paslay prior to the start of the 10th Annual Toyota Texas Fest that begins Friday. Paslay, a Texas native, has charted hits such as “She Don’t Love You”, “Song About a Girl” and “Friday Night.” He owns an older model bass boat, sinks his own brush piles for bass habitat, and will help kick-off a great weekend of fishing and music near Frisco, Texas.

The four Team Toyota anglers are among 38 of the world’s very best anglers that have qualified, or been invited, to compete on what looks to be a challenging North Texas reservoir.

Is this tournament on Lake Ray Roberts the most challenging of all the Toyota Texas Fest events you’ve fished?

Scroggins: Yes
Swindle: Yes
VanDam: Yes
Iaconelli: Yes

You’ve all judged Ray Roberts to be much tougher than Lake Fork and Lake Conroe where previous Toyota Texas Fest tournaments were held, so what’s the best part of Ray Roberts?

Scroggins: Knowing that huge bass live here, no matter how tough they are to catch.
Swindle: Miles and miles of good lookin’ flooded shoreline habitat.
VanDam: It’s got standing timber – that creates a lot of pattern options we don’t often get to fish.
Iaconelli: Most of us have zero history on Ray Roberts – so it really levels the playing field.

Name four lures you’ll have tied-on during this Toyota Texas Fest tournament.

Scroggins: Whopper Plopper, Swim Jig, YUM Bad Mamma, 10” worm.
Swindle: ¾ ounce War Eagle Spinnerbait, Zoom Brush Hog, vibrating jig, pitching jig.
VanDam: Spinnerbait, Jig, Creature Bait, Squarebill Crankbait
Iaconelli: Jig, Spinnerbait, Creature Bait, Shaky Head

What’s the most enjoyable meal you’ve eaten the past week?

Scroggins: Pedro’s Tex-Mex in Pilot Point, Texas
Swindle: My wife “Lulu” made lasagna
VanDam: Crawfish about three times while we were at Toledo Bend
Iaconelli: Ish Monroe has been getting up 30 minutes early every day to make me a breakfast sandwich – it’s delicious – egg, cheese, and sausage on a blueberry muffin.

How much weight will you have to catch Friday and Saturday, to assure you make the cut for Sunday’s final round?

Scroggins: 20 pounds per day
Swindle: 17 pounds per day
VanDam: 20 pounds per day
Iaconelli: 20 pounds per day

Big & Rich, Eric Paslay, Lee Brice, Roger Creager, Kip Moore, and Chase Bryant are all playing concerts at this event – which song from all those artists comes to your mind first?

Scroggins: “Friday Night” - Eric Paslay
Swindle: “I Drive Your Truck” – Lee Brice
VanDam: “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” – Big & Rich
Iaconelli: I can’t name any, but I bet the lyrics would be about heartbreak and drinkin’

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