Lane lookin' for a bonus bass

Chris Lane has had two windows of opportunity this week. One is the first two hours of the day when he capitalizes on the low-light conditions, which has made the shad spawn great. The wind and chop on the water allows him to fish the moving topwater bait much easier and those waves and clouds make the bait harder to see clearly. Those bass will commit much easier when the silhouette of the bait is broken up. 

The second window has been from 10:30 through 1:30 where he has culled up significantly every day. Three key fish came during that window yesterday and another four or five came in clutch on Day 2. 

He just looked over to me and said "If I can get a bite or two from 8:30 to 10:30 that will help me out."

His four-hour drought hurt his momentum through the mid-day so today he is looking to catch some fish and help him stay in the game until his later bite.

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