VanDam's viability

KVD just moved again to where he caught his big fish yesterday and today. There is something special about this spot, but the Michigan angler has struggled to find adequate numbers today on any of his spots.

BASSTrakk has him with 19 pounds between four finish including a giant that'll push 9 pounds. He'll be fishing on Championship Sunday for sure, but if he only weighs four fish today, whats his plan for tomorrow? I'm obviously in no place to question the guy, I'm sure there's a plan, and he may even have more "juice" saved for tomorrow.

But if what we've seen today is the best he's got, tomorrow could be difficult. This IS KVD we're talking about, and he has been in this position many times, so I still have the utmost confidence that he's not even close to out of it.

Anything can happen.

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