Cover for Lefebre throughout the week

This week Day 4 leader Dave Lefebre has targeted a variety of cover. This cover has included, but has not been limited to, overhanging trees, isolated timber, shoreline grass, and bushes.

Some logs, after confirming with long-time tournament director Trip Weldon, he legally placed closer to the creek channel earlier in the week for easier access for the roaming fish in the area.

A strategic move, I have not seen in the past.

These trees he has yet to hit may not be a factor with water rising and a front moving in with possible thunderstorms midday.

The soft-line structure (the top picture below), is where Lefebre is targeting bushes and vegetation. With the water rising the fish will be more likely to pull into these soft shore edges. However, the downfall of a soft-line is the vast amount of unreachable water behind the structure or vegetation being fished.

The hard-line structure (the bottom picture below), has been key for the shad spawn especially, where the transitions consist of gravel and various foundations. The hard-line is referring to the definite bank against the water, leaving the fish with no room to hide.

Lefebre's key cover could turn on like a light switch, until then we will be waiting.

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