Omori with a whopper

Takahiro Omori hooked up with only his second fish, but what a fish it was.

Cries of "fish-on!" went through the group of observer and photographer boats. Omori initially fought it on the opposite side of the boat, then brought it around the bow. Everyone expected a smallmouth due to how long he worked the fish. Instead he pulled out a plump, long largemouth.

He held up the 5-plus pounder as the fans cheered and the cameras clicked away.

A few more hogs like that, and everyone will forget that Omori's Day 4 has started slower than his other mornings on Wheeler.

At this point of Championship Sunday, Crews and Omori are slugging it out in BASSTrakk while Lefebre is MIA. A few more fish like the one he just caught, and Omori will have thrown and landed a knockout punch.

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