Key cull for Lefebre

The seasoned veteran knows when to keep his head down and keep grinding. After a void without a bite for over an hour, he's upgraded with a 3-pound fish, culling out a 2-pound fish. That sets him with two 3-pounders, two 4-pounders, and one 5-pound fish. That's shaping up to be a good sack of fish, around 19 pounds, to be exact.

"I've been eyeballing this stuff all week, and just haven't fished it," Lefebre said after booking into his pound upgrade. Lefebre is fishing an expansive area with little to no pressure this afternoon. "Fishing the area, fishing everything," he explained his day thus far. There's been a slight change in his targets today as well. "Everything today has been in the matted stuff," Lefebre said. 

This should have him as the unofficial leader. 

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