Lee the life saver

As we rode over to check-in with Jordan Lee, we see his brother, Matt Lee with a boat full of people.

After heading to the ramp and dropping the two men off, he heads to check-in with his brother.

He gives a crazy explanation, considering Brock Mosely has already saved one local angler this morning, "I was driving across the lake, it's like Lake Erie out there, and I saw two guys waving me down. I thought they were in a kayak. It was a 20-ft boat flipped over with only the nose holding the guys afloat."

Lee said one man was in his seventies.

As I write this blog Lee's brother, Jordan hooks into a six pounder and lands the fish with his brother by his side.

Between David Walker saving a man from hypothermia in the Classic on Lake Hartwell in 2015, Mosely helping out a fellow fisherman today, and Lee pulling two men from the wind-riddled mainlake on Wheeler we have quite the heroes in B.A.S.S.

There's no other sport like it.

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