Where’s your school spirit?

The college fishing world has grown tremendously and gained much popularity over the last few years.

Today, there are thousands of college anglers from hundreds of schools around the country, myself included. I have fished for Texas Tech University the last few years and competed against the top guys from the top schools.

Now I propose a new competition among my brethren, Fantasy Fishing. I challenge all college anglers and teams to visit Bassmaster.com/Fantasy and sign up. Get your College B.A.S.S. teammates to do the same.

Then create your group and give it a name. Use ‘College’ at the beginning of the name followed by your school’s name, so that I know who you are. Make sure your group is public so your results, and your clever trash talk, are easy to see!

I will take the best scores from each team and post which school is leading in points and has all the bragging rights.

I personally don’t think there is a school out there that can take on the Texas Tech fantasy fishing team. Search ‘College: Texas Tech’ in the group directory to find my team, and let’s have some fun!

Tight Lines,

Jake Szot

Texas Tech Bass Anglers

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