What would pros do with $1 billion?


Everybody wants to win a chunk of change. Now with the Powerball at $1.3 billion, people are dreaming what they would do with the cash.

What would you do with a billion dollars?

It may be a crazy question, but it’s one everyone is asking, with the world’s biggest Powerball up for grabs tonight.

So we asked the Bassmaster Elite Series pros what they would do, and their answers range from the charitable to the lavish.

See what they had to say, and let us know in the comments how you would spend the dough.


Greg Vinson of Alabama already has a plan for his hundreds of millions.

“I would buy a lake or enough property to build a lake (reservoir),” said Vinson. “I’d host professional bass tournaments. It would be like a stadium, or maybe more like a golf course, but with stations and stands where fans could move about watching different anglers at different times. A tram could get fans from one location to another quickly.

“Of course, it would be loaded with giant bass and have a variety of types of structure and cover. Cameras would live stream video of the leaders to giant screen TVs scattered around the course, but fans could also watch the action using a phone app.

“I would do something that would make Jerry Jones jealous.....ha ha.”

But Vinson adds that he would probably donate most of his winnings to legit causes. “I don’t think I would need that much money to be happy.”


There’s a lot of interest among Bassmaster Elite Series pros to buy B.A.S.S. Looks like the employees have a lot of cozying up to do to keep our jobs!

Kentucky pro Mark Menendez is one of them. Chad Morgenthaler is another. In fact, he said it’s the first thing he’ll do if he wins.

Brandon Palaniuk said he, too, would put in an offer on B.A.S.S. “Hopefully I would have enough after taxes!” he said. (I think you’ll have plenty, Brandon.)

(You’re the best, Mark, Chad and Brandon! Keep me in mind when you’re restructuring!)

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