We want your Fantasy picks!

If you know bass fishing and you’re good at putting your thoughts on paper, we want you!

Each year, B.A.S.S. breaks down who’s who for the Bassmaster Classic so players of Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing can wisely select their teams.

And this year, we’re inviting our Carhartt Bassmaster College Series anglers to write their own pundit picks to be published on Bassmaster.com.

To be considered, e-mail your article to treed@bassmaster.com by Feb. 2 with the subject line Fantasy Fishing. Include the name of the school you fish (or fished) for, as well as a photo of yourself. You can also include your own blog or website link as well. Your article should be about 500 words.

You can view a sample article here.

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing teams are chosen by “buckets.” Your article should pick the best choice for each bucket and explain why he is the best pick.

The five buckets divide the anglers by their projected finish, which is largely based on 2013 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year points. Players’ points are awarded in a system similar to AOY, in which the winner of the event earns the most points for the players who chose him, and the angler who finishes in last place earns the least points for the players. You can see the buckets for the Classic on the next page.

Players also earn extra points if their angler catches the biggest bass of the day or the heaviest bag of the day, or if their angler leads on any day (including the final day).

The player who chooses the best team for the Classic wins a $2,500 gift card to Bass Pro Shops, so it pays to pick well. Articles with Fantasy Fishing picks are well-read because players want to win the prize, as well as bragging rights among their friends.

Note that your article may be edited for length and clarity. If you have further questions about the article or about how Fantasy Fishing works, e-mail Tyler Reed at treed@bassmaster.com.

See buckets on the next page.

Below are the buckets for the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro:

Bucket A

Aaron Martens

Cliff Pace

Todd Faircloth

Skeet Reese

Edwin Evers

Chris Lane

Michael Iaconelli

Kevin VanDam

Bobby Lane

Gerald Swindle


Bucket B

Keith Combs

Tommy Biffle

David Kilgore

Stephen Browning

Randy Howell

Alton Jones

Ish Monroe

Ott DeFoe

Greg Vinson

Brent Chapman

Dean Rojas

David Walker

Mark Davis

Gary Klein


Bucket C

Jason Christie

Brandon Palaniuk

Randall Tharp

John Crews

Chris Zaldain

Cliff Crochet

Hank Cherry

John Murray

Terry Scroggins

Steve Kennedy

Takahiro Omori

Morizo Shimizu

Casey Ashley

Bill Lowen

Fred Roumbanis


Bucket D

Richard Howes

Patrick Bone

Chris Jones

Jordan Lee

Adam Wagner

Yusuke Miyzaki

Jonathon VanDam

Rick Morris

Cliff Pirch

Josh Bertrand

Chad Morganthaler


Bucket E

Jeff Lugar

Coby Carden

Mark Dove

Paul Mueller

Doug Thompson

Tim Johnston

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