Voting down to the wire

We are down to the wire in the Toyota Trucks All-Star Week Fan Favorites voting.

There's been no movement among the leaders over the past week, and there's only two more days to get your favorite anglers into the postseason.

Eight Elite Series anglers qualified via the 2011 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year points system. The final four are being selected by fans.

Unless there's a surge, It appears as though fan favorites will be Mike Iaconelli, Jeff Kriet, Aaron Martens and Skeet Reese.

There have been a great number of comments on who should be voted in, with fans disappointed they weren't able to vote for all their favorites in the regional format.

A group of fans suggested they would like to see the next four in the TTBAOY points, Alton Jones, Keith Poche, Greg Vinson and Chris Lane, make it. Others cheered on their personal favorites, or family member.

John Crews was making a late run after pledging to donate to a charity. He commented on the voting system, which is in its first year, saying it has its drawbacks but also positives.

"I think all the fans have got it right. There are a bunch of guys who deserve to be there in the All-Star Week. This contest has been an interesting process to have interaction with fans, anglers, and the media. It has been good conversation in our internet age and helped a few pros bring awareness to good causes. B.A.S.S. made the rules that only the top 8 in points get in and they created a new unique way to get more fans involved in the sport. That has been hard to do and I think it has been successful."

Any way you slice, folks were going to be disaapointed, while somebody is going to win big.

The $100,000 competition is set to begin July 23-24 in Alabama on Lake Jordan, then move to the Alabama River for the July 29-31 finale.

Twelve Bassmaster fans will be selected randomly and paired with the 12 anglers as virtual competitors during Toyota Trucks All-Star Week. The fan paired with the eventual winner will win a fully rigged bass boat.

The polls are open at until July 10.

Results will be announced at 2 p.m. ET on July 13 at the ICAST trade show. Fans can get voting results online at

Here are the results as of midnight, July 7.

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Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4
Michael Iaconelli Jeff Kriet Aaron Martens Skeet Reese
Shaw E Grigsby Denny Brauer Timmy Horton Alton Jones
John Crews Rick Clunn Greg Hackney Brandon Palaniuk
Morizo Shimizu Tommy Biffle David Walker Ish Monroe
Bobby Lane Jonathon VanDam Kotaro Kiriyama Takahiro Omori