TRCP strives to keep anglers informed

WASHINGTON – The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has launched a new weekly newsletter, “The Roosevelt Report,” and a new conservation policy blog, both of which will enable sportsmen to remain engaged and active in natural resources conservation policy – and will advance the TRCP mission of guaranteeing every American a quality place to hunt and fish. 

“In the spirit of T.R. himself, our new offerings pull no punches and deliver you the most current, most compelling news central to our outdoor traditions,” said Whit Fosburgh, TRCP president and CEO. “‘The Roosevelt Report’ is streamlined and concise, serving up the latest in policy news of interest to the sportsman-conservation community and complemented by an engaging mix of old favorites and new features.”

The weekly “Roosevelt Report” serves as a one-stop resource for conservation news most relevant to the hunting and angling community. The complementary TRCP blog is updated regularly with dispatches from experts, breaking policy news, special reports and exclusive offers and giveaways. Visitors will find expanded multimedia offerings, including videos, social sharing and live feeds, as well as current information on the TRCP’s natural resources policy work and the activities of the TRCP’s partner organizations.

“At its core, the TRCP remains a collaboration, drawing our influence from our partners and everyday sportsmen,” said Fosburgh. “The new TRCP blog and ‘The Roosevelt Report’ highlight these partnerships and allow individuals to engage in the policy work that is central to securing our nation’s outdoor heritage.”