So You're Saying There's A Chance

DECATUR, Ala. – One of my favorite characters of all time is Maxwell Smart of “Get Smart” fame.

For those of you in the younger generation you’ve probably seen the remake of the movie. Nothing is like the original. It was in black and white. Smart would be faced with the most incredible odds of all time and always come back with the line, “So you are saying there’s a chance?”

The movie “Dumb and Dumber” stole that line for you younger guys. That movie was in color. And husbands use it all the time in the middle of trying to win an argument with their wives.

It’s an extremely appropriate line going into the semi-final round of the Dixie Duel. Kevin VanDam sits in sixth place with 31 pounds of bass, while those chasing him are languishing some 35 or more places behind.

For all practical purposes, the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year title will more than likely and probably certainly go to VanDam.

Steve Kennedy and Edwin Evers, though, are looking at each other and uttering that time-worn line, “So, you are saying there’s a chance?”

Mathematically I guess there is. In the world of bass fishing tournaments we have to be certain. As it was put to me: If the tables were turned and KVD was behind Evers and Kennedy, wouldn’t someone think it was possible?

I guess they would.  VanDam has certainly captured the magic in an event before, like all the time. And he has bombed in the past. On the flip side, Evers and Kennedy have certainly captured the magic in the past. Both of those things will have to happen. But neither has ever been done under these circumstances and against these odds.

But when you go to the Maxwell Smart school of thinking the possibilities are endless.

As an example: Edwin Evers is just 4 pounds out of the top 12. There have been some 18 to 19 pound sacks weighed in. Evers bags one of those, which is entirely possible, it’s a good bet he will make the final 12. That would be one step.

Then let’s look art KVD’s day. He struggled today, languishing around a ton of those 1-pound fish that had him sneaking up by ounces, then a 4-pounder hit, followed by two 3-pounders late in the day. It’s the type stuff we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from VanDam. But just for arguments sake: VanDam struggles again tomorrow and comes in with 8 pounds, or less. If he falls to 28th or lower, which is what the trend of weights thus far could put him, then this race is still alive for one more day.

At that point, all Evers would have to do is have a top 6 finish (which would be worth 276 points) and with VanDam in 28th  (worth 219 points) he would edge past him by 2 points.

Is it likely? You can’t find a person on the planet that would take that bet. I’m pretty certain Evers wouldn’t take it. But in the Maxwell Smart way of thinking, someone is uttering those time-honored words: “So, you are saying there’s a chance?”