Shiver Me Timbers: A Pirate Wedding

ICAST is a time for all things new. The Las Vegas air is replete with the fragrance of the fresh, the creative, the hope of an industry bathed in excitement. It was also the time for the refreshing of vows — of plunder and pillage.


 2006 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year Mike Iaconelli and his wife Becky decided it was time to renew their wedding vows, which they originally took in a ceremony in October 2009. However, unlike the traditional ceremony they held for family and friends in their home state of New Jersey, this time it was for their fishing family and in honor of the anniversary of when they first met in Vegas in 2007. Iaconelli was here for ICAST, and Becky was in town with friends.

 In keeping with their unique ability to live life to the fullest (and Ike's flair for the dramatic), the couple chose to renew their vows in the Viva Las Vegas Chapel, which specializes in theme weddings.

 Mr. and Mrs. Iaconelli chose a pirate theme for their special occasion. The chapel was decorated in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" motif, and the couple arrived in a limousine in true swashbuckling form, complete with costumes fit for a discriminating captain and his chosen wench; the couple even presented their guests with a collection of costume pirate hats, eye patches and swords.

 As Reverend Jack Sparrow officiated the ceremony, the swashbuckling newlyweds answered with affirmative growls of "AAAARRRGGG!" instead of the traditional "I dos."

 The group of witnesses included close friends and Elite Series colleagues Ish Monroe, John Crews and Byron Velvick, along with ESPN columnist Don Barone and Berkley Field Services Manager Tammy Cox — all completely adorned in the attire du jour and ready to plunder.

 Leave it to the Iaconellis to find new and exciting ways to keep people on their toes. Here's to many swashbuckling years ahead!

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