Saying goodbye to Elroy Krueger

Elroy Krueger was born February 5, 1940, in Converse, Texas and he died Sept. 25, 2015, in Tilden, Texas. Krueger was one of the competitive bass fishing pioneers and was known by some of today’s renowned pro anglers as a legendary gentleman.

During the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Central Open #1 on Lake Lewisville, in Lewisville, Texas, four-time Classic champion Rick Clunn talked about how Elroy Krueger and Tommy Martin were major influences to his pro angling career.

"Tommy [Martin] and Elroy Kruger were, early in my career, probably my two biggest influences," Clunn said. "As time goes by, you realize you become pieces of all these guys who came before you, and that's what eventually creates the angler you are."

While Clunn said, along with humility and kindness, Bill Dance taught him "you don't have to be a redneck to be a good bass angler." Roland Martin showed Clunn it took a lot more skill than luck. Martin showed Clunn how to get after it.

"In my early days, when things got tough and hot, or it was cold, I always reminded myself, 'Tommy isn't slowing down. Elroy ain't slowing down.' He really inspired me on how hard you had to work … and not just for a little while, but all day long."

Clunn also said this on his Facebook page: "The greatest bass angler that no one probably knows outside the state of Texas or under the age of 30 died last week. I first became aware of him when him and his San Antonio bass club consistently kicked our butts in the Texas State events. I later got to know him when he allowed this broke young angler to share a room with him at several of my early BASS events in the early 70s. In many ways he became my mentor. I learned from him and Tommy Martin a fishing work ethic that no one had at that time. Like the movie the Natural with Robert Redford, Elroy was as pure an angler as I have known. I hope Bobby and Billy Murray excuse me but Elroy was the best spinnerbait angler I have ever known. I have known no others that are even half as good. I include myself in the lesser group even though he tried to teach me it all. He could fish it in a foot or in 30 ft.. He could fish it fast or slow but mostly he understood water displacement and when to use what blade configurations. All that were fortunate to know him had a great oppurtunity to learn and knew one of the greatest bass anglers of all time. Until we meet again my old friend."

Krueger was a tackle shop owner, professional fisherman and fishing guide for many years. Elroy competed locally in the San Antonio Bass Club, Bassmaster tournaments 1970-1981 and Bass Champs tournaments in more recent years, along with many others. He owned and operated Elroy’s Fishin’ Hole tackle shop in Universal City. Texas and later at Choke Canyon Lake. He also did fishing reports on local radio stations. Fishing was Elroy’s life, he was most happy when he was out in his boat, casting a line and waiting for a bite.

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