Roumbanis and Remitz in South Africa

At the invitation of their sponsor El Grande Lures, two Bassmaster Elite Series pros are in South Africa on a 10-day trek that is part safari and part fishing trip.

Fred Roumbanis and Derek Remitz are touring several areas of South Africa, including a bass hot spot and a lake that holds tiger fish. Roumbanis said the trip is in conjunction with filming for a TV program, American Invasion.

“El Grande has been my sponsor for over a year. When I signed the deal, I had no idea it would lead to adventure in South Africa,” Roumbanis said. “I know the fishing is incredible there. It’s one of those underrated places.”

A few years ago, Roumbanis was invited to a tournament in Spain. He traveled to Mexico in late 2009 for the promotional filming of an orphanage there, and spent some time on a 100-bass-a-day lake.

“I never dreamed a fishing career would take me all over the world,” he said the day before he left on his African trip.

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