Riprap will be target of Central Divisional contenders

MCALESTER, Okla. — Miles upon miles of rock riprap shoreline will be a key target for the Central Divisional competitors at Oklahoma's Lake Eufaula this week for the B.A.S.S. Nation Central Divisional.

“It will be postspawn then, so the fish will also be on points,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Scott Ashmore. He predicts most of the fish will be holding in the 5- to 15-foot range throughout the tournament.

Ashmore’s favorite tactic for postspawn bass on the riprap is swimming a tube bait in a bluegill hue. Firetiger crankbaits will also trigger strikes from bass on the rocks. Productive lures to try along the points include black buzzbaits and white-and-chartreuse spinnerbaits.

Largemouth are the dominant bass species in the lake, but Ashmore suggests the Central Divisional contenders could win by pursuing smallmouth.

“The smallmouth have come on like a freight train in all the Oklahoma lakes,” Ashmore said. “There are smallmouth in Eufaula over 8 pounds.”

The Oklahoma pro notes June is a good time to target Eufaula smallmouth.

“They will bite all summer long on the points,” he said.

Ashmore recommends throwing brown-and-purple jigs with green pumpkin Zoom Baby Brush Hog trailers or dragging a Carolina-rigged plastic lizard to catch smallmouth on the points.

Massive Lake Eufaula has plenty of water that could produce good action during the divisional, but he predicts one area could be the hottest spot.

“I like that ‘Triangle’ area because it has it all,” he said of the area at the junction of the South Canadian River and Gaines Creek. “It has riprap and trees and good places to throw a buzzbait and spinnerbait.”

Lake Facts

  • Forage base: threadfin and gizzard shad, bluegill and crawfish
  • Surface acreage: 102,000 acres
  • Average depth: 23 feet
  • Shoreline mileage: 600 miles
  • Expected water clarity: 1 foot of visibility
  • Dominant structure/cover: willow trees, rock riprap, points, ledges and creek channels
  • Predicted winning weight: 45 pounds