Overheard at the Open

If I win that, I’m mounting it on the hood of my truck.

--Ninth place finisher James Charlesworth, who briefly held the lead today, referring to the first place trophy.

Being a local was kind of blown out of the water this week. It was as tough as I’ve seen it.

--Local Frank Poirer (11th), who blamed the northeast wind for difficult fishing.

Believe it or not, I do things other than dropshot.

--California native Kevin Hawk (10th), who nevertheless used finesse tactics in the Northern Open.

He’s going to have to go back to making duck calls.

--Tournament director Chris Bowes, noting the similarities in appearance between co-angler Robert Pelletier and the cast of “Duck Dynasty.” Pelletier blanked today and finished 12th.

It was a grind. I had to abandon everything I fished yesterday.

--Scott Mozingo (7th), who weighed 11-01 on Day Three.

I think everybody would be leaving right quick if I started singing.

--Co-angler champion Alan Jackson, after Bowes noted that he shares the name of a popular singer.

I don’t know why she was sitting up there, but she was.

--Last year’s champion Kelly Pratt (4th), whose best fish of the day was a late spawner.

I would’ve done just as good fishing off the dock for the next two days.

--Day One leader Jim Dillard(12th), whose catch decreased each day. He caught less on Days Two and Three combined than on Day One.

I fished with two of the best pros I’ve ever fished with in my life – Woo Daves and Kevin Hawk.

--Co-angler  Robert Seymour (4th).

I scrambled around and caught what I caught.

--Pro champion Josh Wagy.

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