Quotes from Day One of the Mississippi River Rumble

The Elites had plenty to say about the fishing on Day One of the Diet Mountain Dew Mississippi River Rumble presented by Power-Pole.


"They got a little weird on a frog today. They'd blow up on it, and the frog would be just sitting there."

- Ish Monroe, 12-2, 50th place (tie), who turned 39 years old today.


"I'm frog free. If I put a frog on tomorrow, I want you to slap me."

- Gerald Swindle, 10-3, 76th place (tie).


"I had a blast. Anytime you can catch a fish on a frog, it's a blast."

- Steve Kennedy, 12-9, 37th.


"It's a lot harder to get a bite. Last year I caught 50 to 100 fish a day. Today I think I got eight bites."

- Cliff Pace, 12-7, 41st.


"I just pretty much sucked. I caught 20 fish and two keepers."

- Terry Scroggins, 4-10, 99th.


"I just want to touch one 3-pounder a day. That makes all the difference. I didn't do that today."

- Kevin Short, 12-4, 46th.


"It's probably going to take real close to what it did last year – 12 ½ pounds (per day)."

- Jeremy Starks, 12-0, 54th place, about the daily average weight it will take to make the Top 50 cut after two days. Last year's cut weight at La Crosse was 25-8.


"I covered a lot, a lot of water today. If you can get that random 4- or 5-pounder it will change your day. I'm going to cover a lot of water again tomorrow."

- Kevin VanDam, 13-6, 23rd.


"In one 70- or 80-yard stretch, I caught over 120 fish. It was absolutely amazing. But I didn't catch any big ones. I caught them on all kinds of different baits. I was like, 'This is too much fun.'"

- Shaw Grigsby, 12-13, 34th.


"If you couldn't catch a limit today, you had a bad day. I wasn't on squat, and I still caught 12 pounds."

- Mark Davis, 12-0, 54th.


"Last year they were fighting over your bait. This year it seems like you have to beg them to bite it."

- Todd Faircloth, 14-5, 6th, who won the tournament here in 2012.


"The (Mississippi) River is starting to settle down, and the fishing is picking up."

- Matt Herren, 14-0, 14th.


"There are millions of fish here. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a bass."

- Kenyon Hill, 8-0, 90th.


"When you lose one, it definitely weighs on your mind."

- Edwin Evers, 13-5, 26th, the current Angler of the Year points leader.


"I'm one big bite away from moving up 25 spots."

- Chris Zaldain, 11-14, 56th.


"A 3-pounder or anything above that is like gold."

- Greg Vinson, 13-6, 23rd.


"I figured out something today. I found two new schools. I didn't pre-fish it. If nobody else finds it, it could be interesting."

- Aaron Martens, 14-4, 9th.


"It's over with. I can quit wracking my brain. I can go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and do something different."

- Matt Reed, 4-12, 98th.


"You want to catch some pike? Put you on some chartreuse socks."

- Swindle, who sported chartreuse socks Thursday.


"I drove 100 dozen miles to get up here."

- Dennie Tietje, 12-4, 46th, who is from Roanoke, La.

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