Quotable: The final word

Off DeFoe edged Edwin Evers in the final match of the Evan Williams Bourbon All-Star Championships, giving us the final word on Toyota Trucks All-Star Week.

“I’m a lot stressed.”

-DeFoe when asked on stage if he was nervous

 “That all-star trophy would be cherished forever.”


“I wished it was over 30 minutes earlier.”

-Evers on seeing video of DeFoe’s catch in the final 30 minutes

 “Some people fish their whole lifetime and never win an event.”


 “I thought that water was coming back up, but I ran and I still couldn’t get in there.”

-Evers on one of his prime spots

 “Winning an event, period, is amazing, but  to win All-Star Week, that’s the best of the best of the best.“


“I think we might stay a week at the water park now.”

-DeFoe after his daughter announced what they’re planning as next move

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