Quotable from Day Three

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- We've heard plenty about the Arkansas River, but there's quite a derby going on out there, and here's the best things overheard after Day Three of the Diamond Drive.

“I won’t be joining the Jonathon VanDam fan club anytime soon.”

– Denny Brauer

“No, I’m not playing it safe tomorrow, I’m playing to win.”

Denny Brauer

“The Arkansas River’s been very good to me over the years.”

– Rick Clunn

“I’m kinda playing hopscotch down there where I’m fishing.”

– Greg Vinson

“I get to go burn another $150 worth of gas tomorrow, but will be proud to do it.”

– Matt Reed

“Angler of the Year’s not over.”

– Edwin Evers

“I went and looked at a lot of water I probably shouldn’t have.”

– Gary Klein

“It’s always good to work on Saturdays.”

– Kevin Short

“The Arkansas River’s hard on everybody…It doesn’t care where you come from.”

– Kevin Short