Quantum adds Casey Ashley to their legendary pro team

Twenty-eight-year-old Casey Ashley has already notched two Bassmaster Elite Series victories and four Bassmaster Classic qualifications in just five years on tour. He now joins a Quantum roster of pro anglers that is rich with legends, and prideful of its exclusivity and longevity.

“What’s crazy is how light and smooth Quantum’s new EXO and Smoke are compared to the reels and rods I was using just five years ago when I got my first Elite Series win,” said Ashley, who is an extremely simple angler, choosing the same hand-tied jig, whether he’s casting or pitching it. “It’s really obvious that the guys at Quantum have their hearts and heads in building the best products in the industry,” added the 28-year-old.

Along with racking up a list of impressive accomplishments as a pro angler, Ashley has also recorded a CD in Nashville. But amid his many accomplishments, he remains humbled by the opportunity to join Quantum’s team. “Obviously, Quantum has the greatest pro team in the business, and all the pros that are with them have been there for years,” said Casey. “That kind of longevity is rare, but it speaks highly of the quality of their product and the way the company treats people. I hope I can do a good job of following in those guys’ footsteps,” he added.

Casey is right about the long tenured history of the Quantum team that consists of Biffle, Grigsby, Hackney, Klein, McClelland, Rojas, Swindle and VanDam. “The average tenure of our Elite Series team is 20 years,” explained John Kushnerick, who has helped lead Quantum’s marketing efforts for the past 15 years. “Casey is the first angler we have added since we hired Greg Hackney seven years ago.”

Klein, Grigsby and Biffle have been a part of Quantum since the brand was launched in the mid 1980s, and perhaps most impressive, is that every bass Kevin VanDam has ever weighed-in throughout his illustrious career has been caught with Quantum equipment.

Speaking of longevity, Bob Bagby is Quantum’s vice president of Marketing and has been a part of the Quantum brand for 23 years. He has great admiration for the young pro. “There’s no doubt, Casey is one of the great young faces of our sport,” said Bagby.

“Very few professional anglers accomplish what Casey has in five short years,” continued Bagby. “Casey is only 28, but his well-grounded rural upbringing, along with his closeness to his mom and dad, and his willingness to follow the precedence set by our hard working veteran anglers like Gerald Swindle, allow him to bring a mature, but youthful infusion to our highly regarded family of Quantum pros,” concluded Bagby.