Pros picks for Ramada Quest

The Elite Series pros are always looking over their shoulders at the competition. They know who is likely do well wherever they fish and whatever the conditions. Here are their picks.

Keith Combs

     1. Alton Jones: “The bass came up to the banks Tuesday. There are lots of bedding fish. Alton always does well when he’s looking at them.”

     2. Mark Davis: “This is his kind of water.”

     3. Kevin VanDam: “The weather is supposed to change every day here, which means we’ll have to make adjustments. Nobody is better on the fly than VanDam.”

Clark Reehm

     1. Casey Scanlon: “He has as much experience here as anyone. He also won a Bassmaster Open at Table Rock. It fishes a lot like Bull Shoals.”

     2. Aaron Martens: “The water is clearer than normal for this time of year. That’s Marten’s wheelhouse. Bull Shoals also has largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Martens does well on all three species.

     3. Brian Snowden: “Snowden is my wild card. He’s a local angler and he knows how to adapt to weather changes here.”

Brandon Palaniuk

     1. Mike McClelland: “He lives in this area and usually does well on any Ozark Mountain Lake.”

     2. Jason Christie: “He catches fish wherever he goes. He just won an FLW tournament at Beaver Lake last week.”

     3. Chris Zaldain: “He’s been catching some big ones in practice. He’s a western angler and this lake has similarities to western reservoirs.”

Chris Zaldain

     1. Brandon Palaniuk: “He slept in the back of his truck at a boat ramp near the area where he won last year. He knows his water well and it holds big fish.”

     2. Aaron Martens: “The water is uncharacteristically clear. Long casts with light line could be the key. Martens is the best with finesse tactics.”

     3. Cliff Crochet: “Because he calls creeks bayous.”

Mark Davis

     1. Alton Jones: “He’ll catch’em sight fishing.”

     2. Brian Snowden: “He’s just a good White River fisherman.”

     3. Rick Clunn: “With the bad weather they’re calling for tomorrow, power fishing might be what to do. And, Clunn has won here before.”

Dean Rojas

     1. Mike McClelland: “He lives near here.”

     2. Brian Snowden: “He has a lot of experience on the lakes in this region. He’ll know what to do.”

     3. Kevin VanDam: “Because he’s Kevin VanDam.”

Scott Rook

     1. Mark Davis: “He’s always real strong in clear water.”

     2. Aaron Martens: “Sissy baits will be big players here.”

     3. Kevin VanDam: “Because the wind is going to blow and it’s going to get nasty.”

James Niggemeyer

     1. Aaron Martens: “The water’s clear and this lake has all three species of bass. Besides, you don’t need a reason to pick Martens. He’s just good.”

     2. Brandon Card: “He’s leading the angler of the year race and he’s well rounded. Versatility will pay off here.”

     3. Alton Jones: “He’s a good sight fisherman.”

Ott DeFoe

     1. Aaron Martens: “Bull Shoals is clearer than what I’m drinking.”

     2. Alton Jones: “There are a lot of spawning fish.”

     3. Mike McClelland: “He’s a local and he has a lot of experience on this type of water.”

Brian Snowden

     1. Brent Chapman: “He’s fished here a lot.”

     2. Dean Rojas: “Sight fishing is one of his strengths.”

     3. Aaron Martens: “Clear water.”

Fletcher Shryock

     1. Ish Monroe: “He’s on them.”

     2. Aaron Martens: “He’s exceptional when the water’s clear.”

     3. Dean Rojas: “There will be a lot of sight fishing going on.”