Pros pick three

BRANSON, Mo. -- Missouri’s Table Rock Lake is behind schedule in terms of the spawn and the water temperatures. With that being said, no matter the time of the year there will always be some go-to favorites on the body of water. 

The Average Joe thinks he can successfully pick the winner of an Elite Series event, but who better to ask when it comes to knowledge of the body of water than the pros themselves.

Casey Scanlon and Kevin Short have both notched victories in the B.A.S.S. Opens on Table Rock since 2011, so they have what it takes and have shown it.

So before you set in your fantasy fishing lineups, check out who these Elite Series pros think are the front-runners in this event.

Chad Morgenthaler
Brian Snowden - “He has history here and he is versatile. Plus, I know he is catching them.”
Kevin VanDam - “The water temperature is lining up perfect for his type of fishing. He is a part of the upper-echelon this time of the year.
Mike McClelland - “I’m throwing one of his signature baits and it’s working!”

Marty Robinson
Aaron Martens - “It’s a clear lake and it suits his style of finesse fishing.”
Stephen Browning - “He is basically one of the local guys in this region.”
Boyd Duckett - “He likes to power fish and he could do well with some sort of swim bait. It may just fit his pattern.”

Gerald Swindle
Brian Snowden - “Strictly based on his knowledge here. If the fish get spooky, he can figure it out and adjust easier.”
Chad Morgenthaler - “He lives here and knows how to change with the conditions.”
Aaron Martens - “He can catch them shallow or deep and he’s done well here before.”

Britt Myers
Brian Snowden - “He’s familiar with this body of water and I think he will be doing something a little different than everyone else.”
Casey Scanlon - “He has previous knowledge of this lake and he just does well on these types of water.”
Jason Christie - “He always excels on these bodies of water.”

Boyd Duckett
Mark Davis - “Always a good fisherman in this area. He doesn’t live too far away.”
Mike McClelland - “Sets up well for his style and what he likes to fish.”
Casey Scanlon - “You know, he just knows the water well and has had success here before.”

Kenyon Hill
Brian Snowden - “He has been a guide here and knows the water.”
Casey Scanlon - “He notched an open win here not too long ago.”
Mark Davis - “He’s an old-timey Ozark mountain fisherman.”

Grant Goldbeck
Aaron Martens - “He’s a great clear water deep fisherman and he might stumble upon a good school deeper.”
Edwin Evers - “Notched a win here before and he has productive knowledge of this fishery.”
Kevin VanDam - “A run and gun pattern may work well here and if it does he may shine.”

Matt Reed
Brian Snowden - “Let me start with Snowden, he knows a lot about this lake.”
Jason Christie - “Won on this type of fishery many times before.”
Steve Kennedy - “He’s my wildcard. He will probably chunk a swim bait and trigger a good school.”

Josh Bertrand
Brian Snowden - “That guy right there (points to Snowden) knows a ton about this lake.”
Edwin Evers - “Ready to get back to his usual success. Two missed cuts…he’s due.”
Kevin VanDam - “He’s been quiet these first two tournaments. He will find a way to be successful.”

Timmy Horton
Brian Snowden - “He’s the local and he guides down here.”
Edwin Evers - “Historically done well here.”
Aaron Martens - “Lake sets up well for him. Has done well here before.”

Cliff Crochet
The ‘Table Rock Gang’ - This includes all the local guys; Brian Snowden, Casey Scanlon, Matt Reed and Rick Clunn…Did I miss any?"
Mark Davis - “The legend is alive!”

Todd Faircloth - “The Big Tex, a.k.a. the Big Easy. There is nothing he can’t do when it comes to fishing.”
Edwin Evers - “His cold streak can’t last long! Was that more than three? Oh well, wait I have one more (smiles and laughs).”

Brett Hite
Brian Snowden - “Got to go with Snowden, he’s a local guy.”
Kevin VanDam - “There is a good crankbait bite out there, that sets up well with him.”
Morizo - “It’s a crankbait bite. Even if you aren’t on them in practice you can roll across the winning school when you are cranking.”

If you kept track throughout the 12 Elite Series anglers I talked to, the favorite picks were as follows:
Brian Snowden (9 of 12)
Kevin VanDam, Aaron Martens, Casey Scanlon, Edwin Evers (4 of 12)
Mark Davis (3 of 12)

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