Pros 'Pick 3' on Toledo Bend

The Evan Williams Bourbon Bassmaster Elite Series event at Toledo Bend should be one to remember as the big bass are plentiful and many of those trophy kickers needed to win an Elite event are still in the shallower regions of the lake.

With fish scattered throughout the three stages, anglers should hone in on what works best for them and exploit it to the fullest. With that being said junk fishermen, sight fishermen and those who can adapt quickly will find success.

Here is what 13 Elite Series pros thought when it came to picking three guys to do well on Toledo Bend.


Kenneth “Boo” Woods

1.  Kevin VanDam - “This could play out and turn into a post spawn crankbait bite.”

2.  Chris Lane - “He is having a good season and momentum is important in this sport.”

3.  Hank Cherry - “He is my sleeper pick because of how good he is with a jerkbait.”


Dennis Tietje

1.  Todd Faircloth - “He has a lot of history on this lake and we have competed against each other here quite a bit.”

2.  Mark Davis - “I won’t vote against him right now because he is on fire. He can catch them anywhere.”

3.  Myself - “I’ve been here since I was 6 months old. I know my way around, but that doesn’t mean Ill catch them. I just can’t pick against myself.”


Paul Elias

1.  Todd Faircloth - “He has a ton of history on this lake and knows how to change with the conditions.”

2.  Shaw Grigsby - (Paul smiles as Shaw laughs in the background).

3.  Cliff Crochet - “He is somewhat local and that information is important.”


Alton Jones

1.  Randy Howell - “He is very good at managing multiple patters during a tournament.”

2.  Todd Faircloth - “Knows the water like no one else in the field (except Tietje).”

3.  David Walker - “He is due for a win and I believe he did well the last time we came here.”


Jason Christie

1.  Kevin VanDam - “It is a jump around and moving type tournament.”

2.  Mike Iaconelli - “He is due a win and there is grass in this lake. He does well on lakes with submerged grass.”

3.  Todd Faircloth - “He can catch 'em in a bathtub.” (smiles and laughs)


Ott Defoe

1.  Dean Rojas - “Always does well here.”

2.  Gerald Swindle - “It’s a junk fisherman’s tournament to win.”

3.  Todd Faircloth - “I bet that is a common answer.”


Skeet Reese

1.  Dennis Tietje - “He knows the lake and I like him in this event.”

2.  Brett Hite - “He has been fishing well and he has no worries as a result.”

3.  Chris Zaldain - “He’s on some fish so we will see how he does.”


Fletcher Shryock

1.  Dean Rojas - He has won here before so that gives him a grasp on the layout of the lake.”

2.  Gerald Swindle - “Last time they were here he almost won the event.”

3.  Greg Hackney - “Louisiana guy who could figure out where to intercept the schools of fish.”


John Crews

1.  Todd Faircloth - “We are somewhere near Texas…That means he will definitely do well.”

2.  Ish Monroe - “He always seems to do well in this region of the country.”

3.  Dennis Tietje - “Local knowledge and I’m surprised he didn’t do better the last time we were here.”


Scott Rook

1.  Dean Rojas - “There will be a big bag caught sight fishing on Day 1 and 2. It could be him.”

2.  Skeet Reese - “He is a guy who could get a good shallow bite and start the tournament strong.”

3.   “It is really a toss up to the point of where many guys can bust a big bag and take a lead.”


Casey Ashley

1.   Kelly Jordan - “There will be a big bag caught sight fishing and he could do it.”

2.   Gerald Swindle - “With the way the junk fishing bite could play out, he could be the guy to take advantage of it.”

3.   Todd Faircloth - “He is just so good everyone, not to mention on a lake that he has historically done well on.”


Josh Bertrand

1.   Greg Hackney - “He is somewhat local and a good shallow fisherman.”

2.   Clifford Pirch - “He is a good sight fisherman and there will be a good shallow bite early in the event.”

3.   Cliff Crochet - “Louisiana angler and he is certainly due a win.”


Brandon Card

1.   Mike McClelland - “I think someone who can be patient offshore will do well. He is one of those draggers.”

2.   Todd Faircloth - “He is good everywhere, but really good fishing mid-depth hydrilla.”

3.   Shaw Grigsby - “I need at least one sight fisherman in my picks because there is a big bag up there waiting.”

If you paid close attention, the consensus is that Todd Faircloth is the overwhelming favorite from the 13 pros I spoke to. Other top picks were Dean Rojas, Kevin VanDam and Greg Hackney.

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