Overheard at the Open

RICHMOND, Va. – Quotes from the Day Two weigh-in on the James River.

“It’s hard to compete with these young guys. It’s kind of like the tortoise and the hare. I have to slow down if I want to have a chance. They’ve all gotten so much better.
-- Woo Daves, who must have fished very slowly. His Day Two limit weighed 19-3, the largest bag of the tournament by over two pounds. He sits in third place.

“He’s the luckiest man on the planet.
-- Chris Daves, who finished 30th, speaking about his father Woo.

“I love tidal river power fishing where you don’t have to doodle a little worm. When that current’s ripping, you don’t want to be finesse fishing – you’ve got to power up.
-- New Jersey pro Pete Gluszek (27th place).

“It’s like the Ohio River but the water goes up and down here way more than it does at home.
-- Ohio pro Sean Wieda (36th).

“I’ve got my boat tied up to a duck blind down river. Hats off to Kelly Pratt. He stopped and brought me in. He’s a class act.
-- Scott Wiley (47th) who managed to weigh in a limit both days thanks to the kindness of a fellow competitor.

“It’s not the river’s fault. It’s my fault – bad execution big time today.
-- Bryan Elrod, who improved upon his Day One catch with 11-08 today, but missed the top twelve cut by a pound.

“My goal today was to catch only 11 ¾ inch fish and that one messed it up.
-- Co-angler Joe Davis, who weighed one fish for 1-01 today and finished 21st.

“I was hoping to finish 13th. That way I could get a good check, hit the road and get some rest.
-- Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis, who came to the James directly from Toledo Bend and will leave immediately to head to another tournament in Wisconsin. He finished 22nd.

'This little push broom picked up a little piece of dust.
-- Co-angler Marvin Stith, who weighed one fish for 1-10 over two days fishing behind pros Jason Christie and Fred Roumbanis.

“I just got into the service Wednesday night.
-- Alabama pro Allen Glasgow, who needed a tow from BoatU.S. today.

“I realize that the chances are slim, but the chances are better than sitting on the couch.
-- Oklahoma pro Jason Christie, who desperately wants to fish the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake and is trying to qualify through the Opens.

“I wrestled up two giants today.
-- Elite Series pro Charlie Hartley, whose pair of bass weighed 2-12.

“Sometimes you have one of those days where you can’t do anything wrong. Everywhere I went today was perfect timing. I kept on culling and culling.
-- Michigan pro Art Ferguson, who caught 14-14 today and moved up 31 spots, from 40th to ninth.

“I think I need a Strike King sponsorship because I lost so many tungsten weights it wasn’t even funny.
-- Texas pro Janet Parker, who bemoaned her bad luck this week on stage. She estimated that she left over $50 worth of terminal tackle in the river.

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