Overheard on Day Two

“I saw a blue heron catch three limits before I caught a fish.” – Gerald Swindle

“I took my licking this week, but it’s always good to fish Toledo Bend.” – Kelly Jordon

“Yesterday I thought I was gonna quit fishing, after today I think I’ll just keep fishing.” – Jeff Kriet

“I fished a little goofy yesterday, I’m not gonna lie.” – Jeff Kriet

“Everything I got is just really, really not happening.” – Gary Klein

“I think I spent too much time fishing history.” – Matt Reed

“I think I did better last year when I was dehydrated and had kidney stones.” – Brent Brody Broderick

“If I were in this place going into Oneida maybe then we’ll think about it.” – Brent Chapman on leading the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year points standings