Notes & quotes from Day Two

“This lake kinda threw me a curve.” – Gary Klein

“You got to work your tail off to catch these fish.” – Kevin VanDam

“I love to fish deep, but I’m getting my tail handed to me this week.” – Paul Elias

“It’s a crazy lake, but I really enjoy it.” – Paul Elias

“I don’t want the weekend off.” – Charlie Hartley

“I’m really tried of winding a crankbait in 7000 feet of water.” – Gerald Swindle

“Good thing is I get to go home. I haven’t been home since January.” – Brandon Palaniuk

“These past couple of lakes, your arms hurt after an event.” – Bobby Lane

“Maybe with fifty of these ole boys gone tomorrow, I’ll slide in out there and get me some of that nectar.” – Jeff Kriet

“I just can’t fish in those crowds out deep.” – Ish Monroe

“Yesterday I told you how I felt…today I just give up.” – Skeet Reese