Notes & Quotes from Day Two

"I caught five fish in six casts this morning...that's how I started out." - Kevin Short

"I've never been any place that has so many fish, that I didn't know nothing about." - Gerald Swindle

"The guys we fish against today are a total different breed on angler." - Rick Clunn

"You can't win it today, that's for sure." - Bobby Lane when asked how he could overcome Brandon Palaniuk's eight-pound lead.

"Usually the way to screw up some good fishing is to have a tournament. This just keeps getting better and better." - David Walker

"I can't even talk about it much." - Aaron Martens after failing to make the cut

"I'm feeling the rookie blues right now." - Michael Simonton

"I'm driving the big yellow bus to California." - Skeet Reese after failing to make the cut

"I just don't want to finish last." - Steve Kennedy

"If he lost that much fishing time and still caught 24 pounds...the boy's on em'." - Kevin VanDam after hearing leader Brandon Palaniuk missed part of his fishing day in the emergency room, to remove a hook from his fingerĀ