Notes & quotes from Day One

“I caught so many fish today, I got to thinking if I should keep catching them or not.” – Chris Lane

“It started out kinda slow, but I ended up catching 35 keepers.” – Greg Hackney

“I think somebody will catch a 25-pound sack before this thing is over.” – Jeff Kriet

 “There’s not enough of those good fishing holes out there. It’s a dog fight out there.” - Mark Davis

“I’m just scrambling, I really don’t know what I’m doing.” – Jared Lintner

“I think the deep fish will win this one.” – Tommy Biffle

“Anytime I get out of state and start catching fish, I’m happy.” – Kyle Fox

“These fish are strange.” – Gary Klein

“It looks bad on paper, but it’s really not that bad.” – Cliff Crochet after weighing 10 pounds, 1 ounce.