Not just a fishing rod

Time was a fishing rod was just that — a rod to catch fish with. You bought one and went to your local waters to catch a few fish. If they were big, you bought a big rod. If not, you downsized. It was really that simple.

Not anymore. There’s a rod for every specific technique, and every angler quirk, on the planet. If you doubt that, check out a few of the ICAST offerings this year.

Megabass is a prime example. They have several new rods designed specifically for the American market on display at the 2012 ICAST. But, they’re not all-purpose rods. Each one is designed to enhance one, very specific, fishing technique and situation.

There’s one called the Fast Moving Special that does nothing but help you throw and present topwater baits. It’s pretty much the same thing for cranking except that they have designed a rod for ordinary crankbait fishing and another one for crankbait fishing in heavy cover. And, if that wasn’t enough, there are three different types of flipping and pitching rods, one each for light, medium and heavy cover. That’s specialization.

Not to be outdone, Abu Garcia has expanded their Veritas line to include much the same level of specialization. They even have one designed for fishing multi-bait rigs (read: umbrella rigs).

Now, this specialization has a place in our fishing culture. There’s no doubt that we all can benefit from specialized tackle that’s designed by the top pros. They know what they’re doing. We’ll catch more bass if we do what they do.

But, if your budget isn’t large enough to accommodate 15-20 rods there’s no reason for despair. Each and every one of these makers can recommend a couple of rods that’ll get you through almost any fishing situation. Tell them how you fish, what your budget is and how serious you are about the sport. Then, follow their advice.

One fine example of this is Duckett Fishing. Sure, Duckett has some specialty rods but they also have a wide selection of rods that’ll handle a wide selection of baits. The rods are designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pros and they do a wonderful job. Like most of the top companies in our industry they listen to their customers and work hard to satisfy them.

Ever fight to string line through micro guides? You don’t have to do that anymore if it frustrates you. Duckett’s well-known Micro Magic series is now available in the Macro Magic series. For all practical purposes they’re the same rods except that the Micro Magic series has micro guides and the Macro Magic series has standard size guides. If Duckett Fishing will do that, they’ll help you make the right selection.

In the modern world you can have it pretty much the way you want it. Buy several specialized rods and spend some money, or buy quality all-purpose rods and spend less. Savvy anglers will take advantage of that.