Mike Suchan's favorite moment of 2016


Chris Mitchell

Bassmaster.com has asked our team of writers and staff to reflect on their favorite moment of 2016. Mike Suchan is a contributor to Bassmaster LIVE and writer of the Daily Limit on Bassmaster.com. 

Rick Clunn winning at 69 was special, and KVD ending a 5-year drought was too, but Edwin Evers finally knocking that major monkey off his back goes down as my top “Field of Dreams” happening of the year.

After living with the undesirable tag of “Best to Never Win a Classic,” it just seemed fitting that he broke through on Grand Lake. While I have no personal or rooting interest for Evers -- I would have found Jason Christie or Todd Faircloth great champions -- his Classic title surprisingly had me overcome with emotion.

When Dave Mercer screeched out “29 pounds, 3 ounces,” a shockwave hit me, and not just the thunderous response from the home-state crowd. Standing behind the camera stand near Christie’s boat, I gave a little fist pump and spin, and tears of joy for Evers flowed.

Didn’t see that coming and don’t totally understand why either. After all Evers’ close misses in Classics and AOY races, it might be as simple as the voices to “Ease his pain” were finally answered.