Lake Texoma

Over the years, Lake Texoma has been noted more for its stripers than its black bass. But this 89,000-acre fishery also contains a good population of both largemouth and smallmouth, which could be in prime prespawn mode when Open anglers visit.

 "Points and secondary points going into spawning cove areas would be where I would concentrate if the water is 55 to 60 degrees," says Oklahoma's Sheri Glasgow, a competitor on the Women's Bassmaster Tour (WBT).

 "Locate points and spawning pockets with docks to increase your chance of success," she adds. "And if the wind is blowing into the docks, definitely throw a Rogue into the stalls or across the face of the docks."

 Glasgow also likes Carolina rigged plastics and crankbaits in brown and chartreuse or shad for Texoma prespawn bass. For targeting smallmouth, she recommends jerkbaits in clown or silver with a black back.

 "If the water gets to 65 degrees, I would move deep into the coves and search for males fanning beds to get a limit," she adds.

 "But my primary concentration would still be on entry areas, like the points, looking for females."

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