Juniors teach others to fish at youth fair

SACRAMENTO — Members of California’s Junior Bass Buddies club assisted Wilderness Unlimited Foundation (WUF) and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) at the 2014 International Sportsmen's Exhibition (ISE) Youth Fair in Sacramento.

Children ages 8 to 14 volunteered during the heavily attended fair, Jan. 9-12, to teach other young anglers the basics of casting, using a trout pond as a display.

“When young anglers are helping kids their own age to catch a fish, the message is clear that they can do this, too,” said Rick Copeland, CEO of WUF.

"DFW staff educated attendees on the various fish species while the juniors taught them casting techniques,” explained Joe Ferreira, fisheries biologist.

Bass Buddies members also worked with DFW staff to collect the trout following the event. Hundreds of fish were netted and placed into a tank truck, which later transported them to a local pond.

“California B.A.S.S. Nation kids and parents were there from opening day to the finish and helped with every part of the fishing activity," Copeland added. "They set a great example of resource stewardship. We just couldn’t do this without them."