IGFA creates length category for record bass

The longest largemouth bass on record have been in the 32-inch class. It'll be interesting to see who claims the top mark in the International Game Fish Association's new record category, but it's a safe bet that Florida anglers will fare well.

The giants from California and Japan look like footballs, but don't measure up when it comes to length. The pure Florida-strain largemouths have length, but usually lack tremendous girth.

IGFA will take applications for smallmouths, too, but not spotted bass or other members of the Micropterus family.

There are minimum length standards for submissions. Largemouths must be at least 48 centimeters (18.9 inches) while smallmouths must measure at least 34 centimeters (13.4 inches).

For more information on the new IGFA all-tackle length world record category, click here. For official IGFA rules, click here.

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