I pledge allegiance to the bass...

If you are scouring this website, it’s obvious you like to fish. It’s most likely you are at work avoiding doing something that is not fishing to read about what you’d rather be doing: fishing. So, take a moment to consider the future of your favorite pastime.

In order for us to catch fish, there have to be fish to catch. Sound reasonable? And for there to be fish to catch, we must constantly stock our favorite lakes and rivers with fingerlings. Most of these fingerlings are spawned in a hatchery. Hatcheries are funded by anglers (licenses, tax dollars, etc.). Therefore, without anglers there will be no fish (or at least a heck of a lot less fish) to catch.

If this process makes sense to you, agree that we need to get more people fishing. Yes, WE need to get more people fishing. Don’t rely on your neighbor to get it done. This is the reason Angler’s Legacy (a program funded by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation) exists. This group has developed the “Take Me Fishing” pledge to encourage anglers to get others involved in our sport, thereby ensuring its future. Visit www.takemefishing.org and take the pledge today. You can even print a “Fishing Trip Coupon” to present to the person you invite.

Now, say it with me: “I pledge allegiance to the bass…”

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