High Water Moves Fish Shallow for Bassmaster Elite Series Anglers at Sooner Run Presented by Longhorn

The Pros Said It

 "It's really going to be a much different tournament this year than last year because of the high water level, and water color is really going to play havoc on anyone planning to structure fish. The fish just aren't out there deep, and I'm fishing much more shallow right now. Last year I was pretty zeroed in on one depth and style, but this year is different. I think there's going to be a couple of good bags caught, but I'm not sure if it will be consistent for one person every day. The bass are in different depths and you have to cover all facets and possibilities of where they may be." - Mike McClelland, 39, Bella Vista, Ark., 4-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and winner of the 2006 Bassmaster Elite Series Sooner Run on Grand Lake.

 "I'm catching a lot of fish, but not many big bass. The lake is high and it came down about 3 feet just before practice started, so it has started to level off now. I think the lake is off just a little bit because the water dirtied up quite a bit and slowed that deep bite down quite a bit. The fishing has been steady the last couple days, and the water is starting to clear, so I think you'll see some good sacks weighed in." - Terry Butcher, 35, Talala, Okla., one-time BASS winner, 96th in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings.

"Last year I had a horrible tournament and was all prepared to fish outside the way it was won in 2006, but now it's way over pool and muddy water. I've changed up my game plan and started fishing shallow again. It's tough finding areas where you can get more than one or two bites. The fish are scattered and I haven't found an area with a whole school of them yet. I'm fishing a lot of areas and will hopefully come across some decent-sized bass. I'm fishing the way I like to fish, and now it's just a matter of getting the bites and getting them in the boat." Jared Lintner, 33, Arroyo Grande, Calif., one-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, ranked third in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings.

 The Strategy

McClelland: The Arkansan is targeting structure, and using the same pattern that propelled him to win the 2006 Bassmaster Elite Series event on Grand Lake. But, he notes that the stained water color is making it more difficult to locate the bass. He plans to fish shallow and deep, covering a lot of water and using a variety of lures including Carolina rigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and Texas-rigged worms. McClelland estimates it will take 60 pounds to win the tournament.Butcher: He is fishing shallow and deep-water locations and using a variety of patterns and lures. For the shallow-water bite he is mainly flipping and for the deep-water bite he prefers crankbaits and soft plastics. He estimates close to 70 pounds will win the tournament.

Lintner: His primary patterns will be flipping and pitching in shallow water around bushes and covering as much water as possible. He also has fished outside points, humps and deeper rock piles to locate the deep-water bite. If he places his bait in the right areas, he is confident he'll come across a big bass.

 Location and Field

 Sooner Run presented by Longhorn — Bassmaster Elite Series


Grand Lake


Grove, Okla.


June 21-24





108 pros, 108 co-anglers


Cut to top 50 after Day 2


Cut to top 12 pro anglers after Day 3





North Beach Development


61201 East 270 Rd.


Grove, OK


5:50 a.m. ET





North Beach Development


61201 East 270 Rd.


Grove, OK


3 p.m. ET





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Previous winners on lake


13-11, Alan Kelly, 2006


17-13, John Wynn, 2006


79-7, Mike McClelland, 2006


13-11, Chuck Lawless, 2006


12-1, Leroy Rease, 2006


24-4, John Shore, 2006


15-10, Robbie Dodson, 2006


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Heaviest winning weight


79-7, Mike McClelland, 2006



Lowest winning weight


12-1, Leroy Rease, 2006







93 degrees



Lake level


746.42 ft. above mean sea level



Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule


The Western Run


#1 March 8-11 Battle on the Border - Lake Amistad, Del Rio, Texas


#2 March 22-25 Duel in the Delta - California Delta, Stockton, Calif.


#3 March 29 — April 1 Golden State Shootout — Clear Lake, Lakeport, Calif.


The Southern Swing


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#5 April 26-29 Southern Challenge — Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, Ala.


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The Turn


#7 June 21-24 Sooner Run - Grand Lake, Grove, Okla.


The Northern Run


#8 July 12-15 Champion's Choice - Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh, N.Y.


#9 July 19-22 Empire Chase — Lake Erie/Niagara River, Buffalo, N.Y.


The Final Charge


#10 Aug. 9-12 Capitol Clash - Potomac River, Charles County, Md.


#11 Sept. 13-16 Sunshine Showdown — Lake Tohopekaliga, Kissimmee, Fla.


Local sponsors: Local sponsors include Grand Lake Association.



Bassmaster Elite Series sponsors: Sponsors of the Bassmaster Elite Series include Toyota Tundra, Purolator, Triton Boats, Mercury Marine, Berkley, Advance Auto Parts, Lowrance Electronics, MotorGuide and Costa Del Mar.



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Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings





Place Name St Pts




1 Skeet Reese Calif. 1573


2 Kevin VanDam Mich. 1460


3 Jared Lintner Calif. 1441


4 Fred Roumbanis Calif. 1361


5 Ishama Monroe Calif. 1350


6 Jeff Kriet Okla. 1338


7 Terry Scroggins Fla. 1327


8 Derek Remitz Texas 1292


8 Casey Ashley S.C. 1292


10 Steve Kennedy Ala. 1271


11 Aaron Martens Ala. 1268


12 Dean Rojas Texas 1244


13 John Crews Va. 1237


14 Stephen Browning Ark. 1236


15 Gerald Swindle Ala. 1226


15 Kelly Jordon Texas 1226


17 Chris Lane Fla. 1220


18 Bryan Hudgins Fla. 1217


19 John Murray Ariz. 1215


20 Gary Klein Texas 1204


21 Mark Tyler Okla. 1183


22 Scott Rook Ark. 1182


23 Kevin Wirth Ky. 1175


24 Peter Thliveros Fla. 1166


25 Jeff Reynolds Okla. 1162


25 Mark Menendez Ky. 1162


27 Jason Quinn S.C. 1161


27 Timmy Horton Ala. 1161


29 Mike McClelland Ark. 1160


30 Michael Iaconelli N.J. 1157


31 Tommy Biffle Okla. 1155


32 Cliff Pace Miss. 1150


33 Takahiro Omori Texas 1149


34 Todd Faircloth Texas 1136


35 Morizo Shimizu Calif. 1121


36 Greg Hackney La. 1114


37 Ray Sedgwick S.C. 1109


38 Alton Jones Texas 1108


39 Edwin Evers Okla. 1104


40 Paul Elias Miss. 1100


41 Pete Ponds Miss. 1098


42 Randy Howell Ala. 1097


43 Brent Chapman Kan. 1096


44 Boyd Duckett Ala. 1084


45 Dave Wolak N.C. 1083


46 Brian Snowden Mo. 1075


47 Kevin Short Ark. 1066


48 Mark Tucker Mo. 1048


49 Shaw Grigsby, Jr Fla. 1046


50 Davy Hite S.C. 1038


51 Matthew Sphar N.Y. 1036


52 Denny Brauer Mo. 1034


53 Russ Lane Ala. 1029


54 Mike Wurm Ark. 1025


55 Scott Campbell Mo. 1022


56 Jimmy Mize Ark. 1016


57 Jason Williamson S.C. 997


58 Ken Brodeur Conn. 991


59 Rick Morris Va. 980


60 Yusuke Miyazaki Texas 979


61 Ken Cook Okla. 969


62 Lee Bailey Ala. 966


63 Rick Clunn Mo. 959


64 James Niggemeyer Texas 952


65 Kotaro Kiriyama Ala. 943


66 Greg Gutierrez Calif. 942


67 Ben Matsubu Texas 933


68 Matt Reed Texas 924


69 Kurt Dove Va. 917


70 Zell Rowland Texas 915


71 Britt Myers S.C. 914


72 James Charlesworth Fla. 912


73 Bernie Schultz Fla. 904


74 Marty Robinson S.C. 901


75 Bill Lowen Ohio 888


76 Jeff Connella La. 887


77 Marty Stone N.C. 885


78 Bradley Hallman Okla. 879


78 Bill Smith Ky. 879


80 Jami Fralick S.D. 877


81 Kenyon Hill Okla. 872


82 Jim Murray Ga. 870


83 James Kennedy La. 852


84 Kevin Langill N.C. 848


84 Jeremy Starks W.Va. 848


86 Grant Goldbeck Md. 843


87 Paul Hirosky Pa. 831


88 Charlie Hartley Ohio 828


89 Mark Rogers Fla. 821


90 Guy Eaker N.C. 815


91 Matt Amedeo Ohio 807


92 Preston Clark Fla. 801


93 Glenn Delong Ohio 767


94 Keith Phillips Ala. 734


95 Steve Daniel Fla. 732


96 Terry Butcher Okla. 715


97 Eric Nethery Ga. 709


98 Doc Merkin Ill. 706


99 Jimmy Mason Ala. 678


100 Darrin Schwenkbeck Md. 677


101 Jon Bondy Canada 672


102 Charlie Youngers Fla. 667


103 Bradley Stringer Texas 664


104 Dave Smith Okla. 660


105 Rick Ash Pa. 642


106 Byron Velvick Texas 564


107 Frank Scalish Ohio 560


108 Elton Luce Jr Texas 426
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