Hackney goes 'old school hunting'

PARIS, Tenn. — Greg Hackney took a step and stopped. Peaked around the edge of red oak, scanning everything in sight: The shape of leaning tree that could be the back of a deer; the movement of a hickory leaf the wind had flicking like a deer’s ear or shadows coming together signifying something moving.

“You have to see and interpret everything,’’ Hackney whispered, “almost like looking for a sniper in the brush. You see it first, you have a chance. You don’t. You lose.”

Minutes later, after seeing and interpreting everything in sight, he scoped out his next few steps and painstakingly repeated the process.

“It’s old school hunting, a lost art,’’ Hackney said, as he still hunted his way through a Tennessee bottomland, looking for sign, any sign of a deer. Read full story at OutdoorChannel.com.

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