Gary Klein's Tournament Diary: West Point Day One

If you watched the weigh-in yesterday or have taken a look at the standings after the first day, you know I’m not doing very well. In fact, I’m in 79th place with just 7 pounds, 14 ounces.

I guess I should start by saying that if I had the answer for what’s going wrong for me this season, I’d correct it. I think I’ve begun to identify the problem. Fixing it will be the challenge.

After practice ended, I felt I’d have a better opportunity than I did. My practice was obviously “off,” and I think that’s been the big problem for me this year.

As you know, practice is critical. It’s the time you get to learn the water and develop an understanding of what the fish are doing on that body of water and under those circumstances.

My problem this year has had nothing to do with physical ability or technique. I’m simply failing to reach that understanding of the fish through the practice period that I need in order to be successful. After three days of practice for an Elite event, it’s essential that — at the very least — you have an idea or direction for what the fish are doing.

I’m not getting that … at least not the way I need to get it.

Some of the other guys really smashed ’em yesterday, and that took me by surprise. I didn’t think the fishing would be that good. It certainly wasn’t good for me.

Today — Day Two — is make or break for me. I’ve got to catch a 15-pound bag if I’m going to have an opportunity to fish again on Saturday. If not, I’ll be sitting on the bank.

It’s going to be very challenging. The theme for me this year has been “What am I missing?”

I’ve got to turn that around and put together a strong finish for the rest of the season.

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