Former Tour angler battling cancer

MANCHESTER, Tenn. — Former Bassmaster Northern Tour champ Jason Sain faces a challenge tougher than anything he has encountered on the tournament trail.

In early April, a biopsy of three brain tumors revealed Sain has a malignant brain cancer, according to David Gnewikow, Sain’s longtime team tournament partner. Gnewikow reported the situation worsened for Sain when he started hemorrhaging after the biopsy and an emergency surgery had to be performed to stop the bleeding. The surgery left Sain weak on his right side and has affected his speech.

“He is doing as well as can be expected under those circumstances,” said Gnewikow. “He has made a lot of progress. The huge hurdle is dealing with and treating the cancer. He is going to be fighting a very bad cancer.”

Physical therapy has helped Sain recover from the brain surgery. “I am getting better every day,” Sain said. “I feel great.”

Sain fished the Bassmaster Northern Tour in 2006 and won the Northern Tour #1 event at Kentucky Lake. He also competed in the Bassmaster Weekend Series in 2005 and 2006 and recorded four Top 10 finishes.

Sain and Gnewikow were college roommates and fished in team tournaments for about 17 years. “We have won the Triton Owners Tournament a couple of times,” Gnewikow said.

Gnewikow and other friends of Sain have set up a website for donations to help Sain cover the mounting expenses. “Insurance is going to cover so much, but they are going to have huge bills,” Gnewikow said. “I don’t know if or when Jason will be able to go back to work, and he may end up traveling for treatment.”

Gnewikow and friends are hosting the Jason Sain Benefit Tournament, Aug. 9, on Kentucky Lake at Paris Landing, Tenn. For details, follow Friends of Jason Sain on Facebook.

To make a donation to the Sain family, visit this website. Cards or letters with wishes of support can be sent to Jason Sain, 9928 Williams Road, Manchester, TN 37355.

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