Fed Nation Feeds the Hungry

CONCORD, N.H. — John Foster, tournament director of the New Hampshire BASS Federation Nation, said members of the state chapter wanted to do something that would make a measurable difference to people in such a tough economy. The state president, Tim Reardon, suggested members collect food for the hungry.

 "We asked each competitor in every sanctioned tournament across New Hampshire to donate one can of food, or a dollar, every time they entered an event," said Foster. "The response was overwhelming. Our members really stepped up and made this happen.

 "By the end of the season we had collected 132 cans each of corn, peas and beans. Add to that 96 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 64 pounds of pasta, 32 cans of pasta sauce and 160 pounds of rice, and you can see why our members are so excited about the project."

 The food was distributed through local Salvation Army units. Each unit offers programs that are targeted toward the individual needs of its community.

 "It's one of the most fulfilling and heartwarming things we've ever done here in New Hampshire. Along with helping the less fortunate, we've also helped to put bass fishing in a positive light. It's a classic win—win situation."

 Additionally, Irwin Marine donated $240 to the effort.

 "That's no small thing. The marine industry has been especially hard hit over the last year or so. We really appreciate their generosity — almost as much as the kids who had hot meals thanks to what they did."

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