Facebook fans debate: Hawgs or lots of little bass

Do you look for the one fish of a lifetime, or are you happier catching lots of bass? This is the question we posed on the B.A.S.S. Facebook page Nov. 15, and the feedback was surely a mixed bag.

The vote was split: 37 percent chose quantity, and 41 percent chose quality. A large portion, 22 percent, wouldn’t pick a side: They’re just happy to be on the water, they say!

Here’s a selection of responses for each side. Which side do you take? Join the conversation on Facebook!


I don’t get a chance to go as often as I would like, so I like catching lots of bass. (Chuck Anthony)

I’m happy chasing lots of bass while searching for the fish of my lifetime! (Luis Zuniga)

I just fish to catch lots of bass because eventually that big one will hit. (Rory Joseph Saliger)


That’s like asking me if I want $35 a day for 80 years or a check for a million dollars ... fish of a lifetime! (Michael Hoch)

I want to break the state record! (Eric Schrock)

Go big or go home! (Steve Kappel)


The best thing I ever catch is time with my son. (Andy Knepp)

Happy with both! Just love getting out on the water. (John Sullivan)

Both, definitely ... yes, please! (Dirk Van Der Merwe)

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