Elites pick top three for Falcon Lake

ZAPATA, Texas — We asked the Elite Series anglers preparing for the Lone Star Shootout presented by Longhorn on Lake Falcon to give us their top three picks to win the third event of the season.

 Grant Goldbeck



  1. Jeff Kriet — He and his family have spent a lot of


    time on south Texas lakes.


  2. Matt Reed —Rumor has it. That's all.


  3. Steve Kennedy — He always catches them when there


    are big fish to be caught.



Chris Lane



  1. Bobby Lane — He's a heckuva flipper.


  2. Alton Jones — He spent 45 days down here.


  3. Steve Kennedy— If the swimbait bite turns on, we're all in deep trouble.



Charlie Hartley



  1. Kevin VanDam— When he wins he usually gets on a




  2. Alton Jones— From Texas and practiced here a lot.


  3. Kurt Dove— He puts his homework in.



Kurt Dove



  1. Bradley Hallman— He is on a bit of a streak.


  2. Kelly Jordon— Good on these big fish lakes.


  3. Greg Gutierrez— He's ready to break out.



Brian Clark



  1. Kevin VanDam— Had some practice down here.


  2. Alton Jones— Spent a lot of time down here in the




  3. Jason Quinn— He's a good cranker.



Glenn Delong



  1. Matt Reed— I know that he has a lot of time on


    this lake, and a lot of local knowledge.


  2. Peter Thliveros— He's good from shallow to deep


    and that's how we're going to catch them.


  3. Alton Jones— Spent a lot of time down here before


    the lake was off-limits.



Jeff Kriet



  1. Mike McClelland— Going to fish out deep and will


    catch them good.


  2. Tommy Biffle— There's a strong flipping bite.


  3. Matt Reed— I heard he caught 53 pounds in practice.



Tommy Biffle



  1. Jeff Kriet— He's got an uncle that lives here that


    gave him at least 100 waypoints.


  2. Mike McClelland— He rooms with Jeff Kriet, so


    Kriet probably gave him at least 50 waypoints.


  3. Denny Brauer— Overdue.



Kevin VanDam



  1. Matt Reed— He caught 50 pounds the other day.


  2. Kelly Jordon— Good structure fisherman, and he's


    from Texas.


  3. Derek Remitz— Good deep water jig fisherman.



Clark Reehm



  1. Matt Reed— Same reason as everybody else.


  2. Brian Snowden— He and Matt Reed run together. If


    Reed were on them, I would think Reed would show him


    some love.




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