Elites pick top three for Douglas Lake

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. - Bassmaster.com asked a sampling of Elite Series anglers to pick three anglers who would they have on their Fantasy Fishing team. Almost every one of them picked Ott DeFoe, who is a local favorite this week. But judging by these picks, there seems to be some ideas that there will be fish caught deep, while others are thinking shallow.

The following are those anglers and who they picked.

Cliff Crochet

  1. Ott DeFoe - “It’s his home lake and he’s comfortable here.”
  2. Aaron Martens - “His slump can’t last forever.”
  3. Cliff Crochet - “I’m doing some things different. I think I’m someone to watch.”

Bradley Roy

  1. Ott DeFoe - “He’s a local.”
  2. Aaron Martens - “When the fish act funky, he catches them.”
  3.  Kevin VanDam - “Because he’s good when it comes to post-spawn and shad oriented fish.”

Casey Ashley

  1. Ott DeFoe - “He’s a local.”
  2. Kevin VanDam - “It’s his type of deal.”
  3. Bradley Roy - “He’s an off-shore guru.”

Randy Howell

  1. Aaron Martens - “He’s so good with electronics and deepwater.”
  2. Brandon Card - “He lives here.”
  3. Ott DeFoe - “He’s a local favorite.”

Brandon Card

  1. Ott DeFoe - “He’s a local.”
  2. Matt Reed - “He’s caught some big ones.”
  3. Skeet Reese - “He does well in these type events.”

Matt Reed

  1. Edwin Evers - “He’s very versatile.”
  2. Mike McClelland - “He’s a deep-water guy.”
  3. David Walker - “His local knowledge and he’s a great fisherman.”


Aaron Martens

  1. Ott DeFoe - “He’s a local and he’s good,”
  2. Randy Howell - “He’s practicing all around me.”
  3. Kelly Jordon - “He’s fishing some really good areas.”

Dustin Wilks

  1. James Niggemeyer - “He’s the best.”
  2. Ott DeFoe - “He’s a local.”
  3. Mark Davis - “He’s the best post-spawn fisherman ever.”

James Niggemeyer

  1. Ott DeFoe - “He’s the local favorite.”
  2. Greg Hackney - “He’s a great shallow water angler.”
  3. Brent Chapman - “He’s on a roll and he’s great and piecing everything together.”

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